Customized Chemical Facial Peels

Just about anyone, male or female, young or old, can realize the benefits of a program of skin exfoliation. Facial peels remove the top layer of old, dry, dead skin cells and allow the newer, younger, fresher skin cells to move to the surface. Skin then looks cleaner, fresher and has a more vibrant glow. Peels can create dramaticimprovement in the skin. Aging skin is a "chronic disease," like hypertension or diabetes, in that one needs daily treatment to control or reverse damage. A single peel can reverse some of the clinical and histologic signs of agin, but once the skin has healed from the peel, the process starts again. Therefore a daily program of products designed to reverse the signs of agin is necessary to maintain long-term improvement.

It doesn't matter ifyou are a first timer, brand new to facial peeling techniques or a seasoned veteran looking for the newest, more-aggressive treatment for your complexion.

Results you can expect:

  • Deeply cleanse and soften your skin
  • Revitalize and restore lost luster
  • Fade sun damage and age spots
  • Smoother texture
  • Pores appear smaller
  • Eliminate fine age lines
  • Soften mild acne scars

Each facial should be chosen by your skin care specialist, with your skin in mind. Each peel uses a particular type of acid that is tailored to accomplish what you wish. There is no wrong or right way to treat photo damaged skin or to perform chemical peeling. A variety of techniques and agents are in use and should be discussed with the physician treating your photo aging. Whether you want to exfoliate off a lot of sun damage or just brighten up lack luster skin just about anything can be addressed with a good skin care program and a little work and dedication from you.

There are glycolic, Lactic Acids and other fruit acids as well as stronger more potent TCA or Salicylic Acid among others. All peels can be intensified by Microdermabrasion. A peel with a Microdermabrasion session works together to achieve desired results.

No matter what your skin type of concern, facial peel will rejuvenate, lift, smooth and exfoliate skin leaving it noticeably healthier. The TCA peel is particularly effective for mature skin, hyperpigmentatin, acne scars and poor texture or big pores. It produces results that typically last longer than those achieved with a lighter AHA peel.

For best results, most peels should be performed in a series of three, each about 4 weeks apart. You'll love your skin's restored radiance, imporved texture and overall firmness